Billie Wilson

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Bunny Billie

Bunny Billie

I was Bunny Billie from the Playboy Hotel and Casino Atlantic City, New Jersey.

I heard about the open call from Playboy while teaching modeling at John Robert Powers Modeling School in Philadelphia. 3000 applied and I made the cut. I had been accepted at Howard University and Rutger’s University but I chose to work for Playboy. Wow!!! I’m a Playboy Bunny!!! They said they loved my legs and my smile! It was an honor to have been chosen.

I served cocktails in the lounge, the casino floor, the cabaret and as a Ring Card Bunny. I also made outside events appearances.

As I walked through the slot machines and across the casino floor serving drinks, I sang. We were not allowed to say the word cocktails, so I sang to get the attention of those playing the slots and table games. Customers used to say “here comes the Singing Bunny”.

Some of my sister Bunnies encouraged me to take my gift of song to the next level. I was picked up by a local agent and started gig’n with a few bands in Philadelphia. I got my first casino booking at Caesar’s Hotel and Casino, then Harrah’s then St. Martin, Caribbean.

I still currently perform, but it all started after competing in the employee talent show at Playboy. I slightly altered the rap from Tina Marie’s hit song “Square Biz” to “My ears, my tail, my 3 inch heels, my suit’s a perfect fit… but you ain’t seen nothing yet till I hit you with my Bunny Dip… that’s what I’m talk’n bout” . I didn’t win that one, but I did go on to win an employee talent show from different casino in future years and launch a musical career.

Billie Wilson

Billie Wilson

I made TV when Michael Sphinx fought on Easter Sunday at the Playboy Club as a Ring Card Bunny. We traveled in limousines to various grand opening and events hosting the Playboy Bunnies. We ended the cabaret show nightly taking the stage as the Famous Playboy Bunnies! It was fabulous! It was our own little level of fame.

Shortly after all of the Playboy Clubs closedI fell in love with a professional football player and left to pursue a life together.

I live in Las Vegas now where currently the only Playboy Club in the world has opened. It’s fun to visit and reminisce.

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