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Bunny Brenda
Bunny Brenda

Bunny Brenda Reiter was hired as a Bunny at the Baltimore Playboy Club in 1972 and her intention was to transfer to the Playboy Club in Denver, Colorado, so she could pursue her great love of skiing. She was successful and transferred to the Denver Playboy Club in 1973.

Brenda has lived in Colorado and on the north shore of Lake Tahoe ever since. She is presently living in Summit County, Colorado. She works as a counselor assisting mentally challenged adults.

Brenda's son, Justin Reiter Goto, is 23 and an outstanding snowboarder who has ranked near the top for years in numerous competitions all over the world. Justin is now on the U.S. Snowboard Team and will hopefully compete in the next Winter Olympics.

Brenda plans on attending the reunion in April in Las Vegas. Her e-mail address is:

Bunny Brenda
Baltimore and Denver
Playboy Clubs, 1972-1973
Bunny Brenda
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