Carol Vitale's Bio Page

Sadly Carol passed away in July 2008. She is fondly remembered and much missed by all who knew her. The biography she kindly penned for this site is here presented in memorial.


Carol's a New Jersey girl who's climb to fame and fortune began at the Miami Playboy Club. She quickly became one of the more popular Bunnies in the Miami Hutch.

Carol says:

"My career as a model began when I moved to Florida with a friend as soon as I turned 18. Some of my earlier work included posing for Oldsmobile commercial ads, being spokesmodel (Miss Gulfstream) for the biggest racetrack in Florida and a finalist in the Miss Florida-World contest. I also appeared in a documentary for the state of Florida that featured me canoeing from Jacksonville down the Mississippi River. This experience was quite memorable, as I was able to make stops along the way and enjoy the varying landscapes and cultures.

"When I was not modeling, I tended bar at a hotel lounge across the street from the Playboy Club. Being a Bunny was something that I never believed to be possible for myself. This all changed when I saw the Bunnies up close. They would come into the hotel lounge every night and I thought, "Hey, I can do that. They are not as flawless as I figured them to be!" I decided right then to apply and was immediately accepted by the Bunny Mother, Bev Russell. I enrolled in the training program and was one of the five girls chosen out of 25.

"I worked as a Playboy Bunny for five years and cherished every moment of it. I worked diligently and considered myself to be a star student. I performed every task that was delegated to me, including running the coat check, counting inventory and working in the Playmate bar, showroom and lounge area. Every job was executed with pride, and I consider all of those duties to be a part of good leadership. After my first month at the Club, I was chosen as one of the Bunnies to be featured in VIP magazine. I would also later appear in several of the Best Bunnies of the Year features in Playboy.

"In 1972, I met Alexis Orba at the Club while he was in Miami searching for an August cover model. Bunny Mother Bev Russell suggested that I put on a bikini, and as I exited the dressing room, Alexis exclaimed, 'That's her!' We began shooting behind the Playboy Club Hotel the very next day at 5 a.m. -- when we had finished for the day my whole body was sunburned and I was plagued with sand fleas. Needless to say, I had the next day off to recuperate! This is now part of Playboy history, as I am the cover model for the August 1972 issue."

Carol appeared on the cover of the August 1972 issue of Playboy, standing in the surf wearing a white bikini and a red, rabbit-shaped life preserver. It was a knockout! Before long there was talk around the Playboy editorial offices about the big time for her - the centerfold.

In July 1974 Carol appeared as the Playboy Centerfold. Suddenly she was recognized world wide. It was a mind-blowing experience from which she to rebounded to even bigger things.

Carol has appeared on many television shows and is an accomplished singer.

She has been the host and executive producer of her own nationwide TV talk show, The Carol Vitale Show, for more than nine years. Awards include Best Public Access Series. After interviewing the famous and infamous over 550 shows, she still has a sharp sense of curiosity about what makes people tick.

A successful business woman and entrepreneur, Carol's schedule keeps her on the road for much of the year.

She has homes in Miami and Beverly Hills, and finds time to design her own line of clothing.

Carol Vitale
Miss July 1974

Bunny Carol, Bunny of the Year
Bunny Carol, BOTY

Bumper Pool Bunny Carol
Bumper Pool Bunny Carol

Carol autographing the Playmate Book for a fan
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