Biography courtesy and copyright of Debby.
Bunny Buffy

Bunny Buffy

What a great life and I canít wait to see what tomorrow brings!

One of the best things about being a Playboy Bunny was the interaction with people. I learned how to deal with all sorts of people in all different walks of life, in all different situations, with elegance and grace.

These were such formative years for me and I had many fabulous role models and a lot of things that people donít think about anymore like table manners, setting a table correctly, sitting like a lady, great posture, eye contact and allowing people to have their moment. These were all gifts of being a Bunny and of course the obvious was beauty, style and being able to take very good care of yourself physically.

Throughout my life, itís been wonderful despite a few life interruptions here and there, but now I have a position with a great family-owned & run elderly care business in Port Orange, Florida called Absolute Health Professionals where Iím a patient supervisor.

Iím so fortunate that many of the lessons that Iíve learned by being a Playboy Bunny, and dealing with people in general, really helps me in my career. Iím so blessed and so lucky. I wish this for everybody!

All the best!

Debby (Playboy Bunny Buffy)