Gloria Bleezarde Biography

Bunny Gloria
Bunny Gloria

I attended Bunny school headed by Keith Hefner and went one to open the club in New York on December 8th 1962.

While I was working as a Bunny, I was also doing an off-Broadway show titled "Just for Fun". This was done as a review including various topical material.

An unknown Joan Rivers was the act that preceded the show or maybe followed it. In this review I was "Bonny, Your Playboy Bunny" a song that was written by Michael McWhinny and Jerry Powell as a result of my description of my experience as a Bunny.

I got permission by Keith to use one of my Bunny costumes (the black one my other one was gold) for the show and I really don't know what happened to it but I do still have my Bunny Manual.

I am currently working as a shrink. As a recovering actor, I was one of the acts to follow The Beatles on "The Ed Sullivan Show".

Gloria Bleezarde

Above: A portrait photo of Gloria, from
her time on Broadway, circa 1968.

Right: A promotional photo, from the
New York Times, April 9th, 1963.

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