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She was born Janet Paula Lupo in Hoboken, NJ. She's an Aquarian, with Scorpio rising and her moon is in Taurus, for all of you that are into Astrology. Janet is 5'6" and measures 39-25-36 (100% Natural) and is of Italian/Czech/Irish descent.  She is currently living on the East Coast with her 12 year old son, whom she absolutely adores.

Janet would like to tell you in her own words, what she's been doing since November 1975 until the present. To begin with, she is going to tell you, as only she can, how she became a Playboy Centerfold.

It was April 1974 when I drove up to Playboy's Great Gorge Resort hotel in McAfee, NJ. I didn't have an appointment with the 'Bunny Mother,' but that didn't stop me from pretending as if I did, all I knew was, I wanted to be a 'Bunny.' The security guard called the 'Bunny Mother' on the phone and told her I was waiting to meet with her for our interview. He talked to her for a few minutes, then to my surprise he said, "Sandy, the 'Bunny Mother' will see you now." I was so scared and excited at the same time. Sandy was so sweet, she acted as if I had an appointment with her. After the interview, she told me she usually telephones you within two weeks if you're to be hired as a 'Bunny' but in this instance she said, I'm hiring you on the spot cause you have 'chutzpah'. You see, she knew all along that I didn't have an appointment, but she never let on until that moment. She said that she liked the idea of me pretending that I had an appointment with her. I was so excited I couldn't believe it, I was going to be a 'Bunny'!!  I called Sandy the next day to ask if I was really hired. There was already a 'Bunny Janet' working at the resort so I became 'Bunny Jennifer'.

So now I'm a Playboy Bunny, working at the Resort doing what 'Bunnies' do, when a Playboy photographer comes to Great Gorge and asks me if I would like to test for Playmate of the Month. My initial reaction was, Ahhhhhhhhh! No Way! I could Neeeeeeeeever do that! Throughout the course of the year, two more photographers from Playboy asked the same question, only for me to say NOOOOOOOO!

Then in March of '75, Pompeo Posar came from Chicago to do a photo shoot for the "Best Bunnies of '75" pictorial. Before Pompeo even started the photo shoot for the Bunny feature, he persuaded me to test for Playmate of the Month. 'Never say Never'. I have the utmost respect for Pompeo Posar and the Playboy staff. They made me feel completely comfortable for the shoot. Playboy writes in the April '84 issue about how reluctant I was and they thanked Pompeo for persuading me to pose. I want to say 'Thank You' Pompeo and Playboy for changing my mind and my life!!

So, now I'm Miss November 1975 and as you can imagine, there were mixed reactions from my family. My Father first opposed the idea of his daughter posing for Playboy, but my Mother loved the idea. I explained to my father that I wasn't going to do anything to shame him. I told him that the photos would be done in good taste.  After all, this was Playboy not H.....r! When the magazine came out I showed my Mom. She was very pleased. At my request, my mom showed my Dad the issue when I wasn't around.  My Dad never said anything about it, but friends told me that while my Dad was at the supermarket, people were chatting in line in front of my father about the Hoboken Centerfold, (Hoboken is only a square mile), and my Dad shouted, "That's my daughter!".  So now, Mom & Dad love the idea... (WHEW)

I started doing promotions for Playboy in Canada, then the United States and finally Japan. That was very interesting! Then I got a call from Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack) and his wife wanting me to come to Los Angeles for a lead as a CIA Agent in a movie project they were doing.  All I could think about was going to see Disneyland. I had never been, so I fulfilled that dream with Tom Laughlin's 6 year old daughter. Tom and his wife said they wanted me for the part, but they were having difficulty getting the movie funded, which was OK with me, I got what I wanted. I still have Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in my wall unit. (Thanks Tom)

Shortly after that I became a bartender. I was with my girlfriend one afternoon at her husband's restaurant. There was a private party that evening and the bartender just called in sick. Her husband said, "OK Janet, you are working tonight, Terry my wife could fill in, but she has to go home and make me dinner."  "Don't worry" he said, "It's easy, I'll show you." So now, I'm a bartender, OK, it's not the greatest job in the world but it brought me out of my shell and the cash was very good too.

I moved to Key Biscayne, Florida, January 13, 1977. I couldn't wait to get to the warm climate. My first day there, it SNOWED!! I couldn't believe my eyes!! While in Florida I fulfilled another dream, to be a flight attendant. The dream lasted about a year. One of the pilots recognized my name on the checklist and told everybody I was a Playmate. From that day on, the other flight attendants harassed me and even set me up to be fired. I was broken hearted. They all lost their jobs about two years later when the airline went out of business. (Karma?)

I moved back to New Jersey in 1981 and worked in restaurants, I love working with the public. I needed something else, so I decided to get my Real Estate License. Got it! Oooooh first time around too!!

The next dream, best dream! My son, born August 20, 1986. So now, I'm a Mother. I took a long leave to spend time with my son when he needed me most. I went back to working in restaurants and selling real estate. Real estate wasn't so good after the market crash, so I kept on dreaming. I always wanted to be a cosmetologist, so I went to school for that. So now I'm collecting licenses! And not too long after that I found out, I'm collectible! So now here I am, and there you are and I thank you very much for being there!!

Janet's Playboy appearances and other credits:

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  • Playboy Collectible Cards (5 in all)
Bunny Jennifer (Playmate Janet Lupo)
Bunny Jennifer

Bumper Pool Bunny Jennifer (Playmate Janet Lupo)
Bumper Pool Bunny Jennifer

A Playboy promotional portrait of Janet
Portrait shot of Janet

Janet, a pin-up classic!
Janet the pin-up