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Bunny Judi
Bunny Judi

My name is Judith Ann Shepard. I was Bunny Judi at the Lansing Playboy Club in Michigan from 1982-1985. I also trained Bunnies in Miami, Florida and in Lansing, Michigan. I have visited the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles on two occasions. I had a great time as a Bunny and made friends with women who I have been friends with ever since!

Jude singing
Jude singing

I moved to NYC in 1985 where I undertook acting & singing lessons. I followed a singing career until 2002 at which point I became pregnant at 42! I now have a beautiful daughter named Ava, who I adore.

I have since moved to Australia. Unfortunately I cannot get to most of my Bunny photos at the moment because they are being stored in my mother's home in Waterloo, Ia., my birth place. In those stored away photos I do have one from being Bunny of the Month. At a later date I plan to add more Bunny photos to my album.

You can hear my music at www.mp3.com/judeshepard.

Best wishes,

Jude & Ava
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