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Sachi was raised, in the late 1960's, in Malibu (a haven for artists and celebrities), where, she states, she received "a sensational creative education." She, with her poet husband Jon Woodjack and friends Patrick & Susan Farrow, shared the old Positano's Coffee House on the cliffs overlooking Malibu. While there they often entertained celebrities and writers such as Henry Miller, Mia Farrow (Patrick's sister), and Peter Sellers.

Karla Conway - the brilliant artist Sachi !!In 1966 Karla Sachi (then called Karla Conway), became Playboy's first Centerfold Surfer, demonstrating the skill in her April layout where she rode the waves in tandem with professional Malibu Surfer Jon Fain. On January 25, 1967, after a years travel through Africa and Europe, Karla gave birth a baby boy in London. Some months later she returned to California to work in a number of teen movies which included 'Fireball 500', with Annette Funicello, Frankie Avalon and Fabian. 

In '67 Karla moved to Denver to ski Vail and Aspen, where she worked a year as a Playboy Bunny: "What was most memorable was when I was working as a Bunny. That was more memorable than anything. It was so interesting wearing that tail and those ears. :) I don't think I'll ever forget that. I used to forget to put my tail on and the Bunny Mother would give me demerits. I never forgot my ears though. I worked in the L.A. club and was sent to Jamaica and promptly sent to Denver because they needed someone there."

During 1968, with her baby in tow, Karla along with other gypsies and fellini-esque period characters (wenches, jugglers and Shakespearian actors), traveled with the seasonal Renaissance Pleasure Faire. After two years she was off again to Puerto Vallerta Mexico to help her father with his beachfront restaurant. From Mexico she ventured further to Guatemala, then continued to search for a home, and finally found it to be Hawaii, her Grandmother's Island home, where she has lived off and on since 1978.

In the 80's her art career began with whimsical soft "life-sculptures", original works carried by Circus Circus in Las Vegas and FAO Schwartz . A gift of a 30" likeness of Hugh Hefner was commissioned by his staff for a gift and later featured in the December '82 issue of "Playboy."

Sadly, in 1987 Karla tragically lost her only child, Aaron, to a sudden illness. For several years she channeled her grief into art, and by 1997 had created over 600 paintings and sculptures. She later dropped her first name, changing it to "Sachi," a shortened version of her true maiden name, "Musacchia"--the street name posted on a main boulevard in a town in Sicily. Her fine art has granted her numerous first place awards in exhibits, and covers of noted books, periodicals as well as licensing agreements.

In 1994 Sachi's portraits of rock stars from the sixties, for the 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll commemorative calendars gained her the American Advertising Federations' prestigious, "AAA'S Award of Excellence". This Rock & Roll Collection includes thirteen 24"X24" oils portraits of luminaries such as Elvis Pressley, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and Tina Turner . This collection, complete and intact, is currently available for acquisition. Please call 800-500-4486 for more information about the Rock & Roll Collection.

Elvis by Sachi Hendrix by Sachi

Sachi has been described as a "living master," whose work is characteristically bold, sensuous and idealistic. As well as paintings a wealth of subjects in Watercolor, Mixed Media and Oils on Canvas, including Hawaiian Monarchs for museums, her art has since grown to also include writing--non-fiction as well as children's books, Poetry, Visionary Music, and Bronze Sculpture. A business created in 1995 called "Big Mouth Productions" (BMP), markets much of her art today in the form of greeting cards, books, music, posters, and other products.

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Sachi's paintings have benefited marine and wildlife preservation programs such as Ted Danson's American Oceans Campaign, PORF, Dolphin Quest, Hawai's Green Sea Turtle Tag & Release program, and Great Britain's Wildfowl & Wetland's Trust, over which Prince Charles presides.

Among the many collector's of this multi-talented artist's work are diverse individuals such as Michael Richards ("Kramer" in NBC's Seinfeld), Oprah Winfrey, Former Vice President Al Gore & wife Tipper, and Yoko Ono, as well as many private corporations such as MCA Records and The Ritz Carlton Hotels. The winter 1996 release of the highly publicized Playmate Book by Playboy, features examples of her beautiful artwork.

She states: "I attended my first Playboy convention in L.A. in April 1997. It was great meeting the girls, especially Lisa Baker. We stay in touch."

Today Sachi resides in her mountain chalet in Holualoa, an artist's community in the tropical misty foothills overlooking beach town of Kona, Hawaii on the Big Island. Much of her work is collected and exhibited throughout Hawaii and also distributed worldwide. She actively supports the preservation of marine life, wildlife and encourages a balance between Man, Womankind, and Nature.

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