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Kathryn as Maggie EvansI am most famous for my role as Maggie Evans on the Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. The first episode of that classic series was broadcast on ABC-TV, June 27, 1966 and launched my acting career. The role of "Maggie Evans" was my first professional acting job. I played the vampire's unwitting girlfriend who got bitten a lot and became his doomed bride, "Josette duPres."

Sixteen years ago I sat down to write a book about my memories of Dark Shadows. As I was writing about these experiences, it occurred to me to also publish the book. It was a crazy notion to start a publishing company: I had no business background whatsoever. Perhaps if I had, I would never have taken up the challenge of starting such an enterprise.

Pomegranate Press, specializing in non-fiction entertainment subjects, was launched with the publication of my first book, My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows. The book was a tribute to the 20th anniversary of the show every kid "ran home from school to watch." Now, on the eve of the 35th anniversary of Dark Shadows, Pomegranate Press is publishing Dark Shadows Memories, with a Foreword by Alexandra Moltke Isles, who played governess "Victoria Winters." The book will be available in June 2001, and can be ordered now through the Pomegranate Press website.

In writing that first book, My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows, I was compelled to delve into old journals and datebooks, confronting those early days when I was a struggling actress in New York. Before I became "Maggie Evans," a waitress at the Collinsport diner, on Dark Shadows, I had worked, among other things, as a Playboy Bunny.

Bunny Kay Back in the Camelot days of President John F. Kennedy, I arrived in New York City full of dreams of becoming an actress. I had a scholarship to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, but I needed a 'bread and butter' job. I saw an ad in the New York Times - Girls! Step into the Spotlight! Be a Playboy Bunny! Well, I went to the audition and got the job, and so did such other aspiring actresses as Susan Sullivan, Lauren Hutton, Deborah Harry, Jacklyn Zeman and Barbara Bosson.

I continued to work as a Playboy Bunny until I graduated from the AADA and was hired by Dan Curtis for the new ABC series, Dark Shadows. I called my mother in Robbinsdale, Minnesota to tell her my good news. She said, "Now listen young lady, you never know how long these shows will last so you better keep your Bunny job."

And I did, until a month later, when two customers in the Club recognized me as "Maggie Evans" and wondered what I was doing working as a Playboy Bunny. I had no answer, no excuse. That was my last night on the job. I turned in my satin ears and did not give the Playboy Club another thought until some 25 years later. Incidentally, while I think my mother gave me some splendid advice, I should point out that Dark Shadows has never been off the air in 35 years! Reruns of the original 1,225 episodes continue to air daily on the Sci-Fi Network.

In 1998 Pomegranate Press published my book, The Bunny Years, chronicling the 25 year history of Playboy Clubs from 1960-1985, an explosive period of social change, especially for women. All told there were 25 Clubs throughout the world, and I talked to more than 300 former Bunnies for the book, beginning with my closest friends from my own Bunny days. I tracked down the very first Bunny to greet keyholders on February 29, 1960 in Chicago and found the last Bunnies in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Writing the book was a glorious experience, not least because it's given me the chance to renew friendships with a remarkable range of wonderful women.

The Bunny Years, a two-hour Special based on the book, was produced for the A&E Network, and broadcast as well on BBC 1 in 1999. The Bunny Years is also in feature film development at Disney Studios. The Bunny Years, the books on Dark Shadows, as well as many other classic television series, and over forty other Pomegranate Press titles are available through the Pomegranate Press website.

Left to right: Shae Marks, Victoria Fuller, 
      Stacy Sanches, Hef, Kathryn, Daphnee Lynn Duplaix, 
      Heather Kozar, and Jami Ferrell
Kathryn, Hugh Hefner, and a compliment of beautiful Playmates
celebrate the publication of "The Bunny Years" at the Playboy Mansion.
(From left to right: Shae Marks, Victoria Fuller, Stacy Sanches, Hugh Hefner,
Kathryn Leigh Scott, Daphnee Lynn Duplaix, Heather Kozar, and Jami Ferrell.)


An early promotional portrait 187 - Kevin Reynolds, Dir.


PROVIDENCE - Alain Resnais, Dir.

THE GREEK TYCOON - J. Lee Thompson, Dir.

THE GREAT GATSBY - Jack Clayton, Dir.

BRANNIGAN - Douglas Hickox, Dir.



TELEVISION (Series, Minis and MOW. Partial List)

Most recent: THE PROFESSIONALS - David Wickes Productions


PHILIP MARLOWE, PRIVATE EYE - HBO/London Weekend: David Wickes, Dir.

Kathryn vamping it up! DARK SHADOWS - Series Regular, ABC: Dan Curtis, Dir.

PARADISE - Pilot/Recurring, CBS: David Jacobs, Dir.


MURROW - HBO: Jack Gold, Dir. 

VOICE OF THE HEART - 4-hour Mini: Tony Wharmby, Dir.

THE EXILES - 4-Part BBC Limited Series: Alan Cook, Dir.

LATE CALL - BBC Limited Series: (Angus Wilson) Derek Smyth, Dir.

TURN OF THE SCREW - MOW, CBS: Dan Curtis, Dir.

DIAL M FOR MURDER - MOW, BBC: Michael Varney, Dir.

EDWARD VII - ATV Limited Series ; Peter Jeffries, Dir.

COME DIE WITH ME - MOW, ABC: Dan Curtis, Dir. 

SECRET AGENT BOY - After-School Special: Jay Daniels, Dir. 




Matlock, Melrose Place, Star Trek, Jake and the Fatman,
Police Squad
, Knott's Landing, Dallas, Dynasty


THEATRE (Partial)

HARVEY - With James Stewart Sir Anthony Quayle Dir. Prince of Wales Theatre, London

LE WEEKEND - Richard Cotterill, Dir. Bristol Old Vic, Bristol, England

SOME RAIN - Barbara Peters Dir. Theatre West, Los Angeles

EVERYTHING IN THE GARDEN - Main Stage Theatre, Los Angeles


BOOKS (Written or Published by Kathryn)

Available as a book and video The Bunny Years by Kathryn Leigh Scott -1998. Produced a two-hour Special for A&E Network, BBC1 and Canadian television. Currently in feature film development at Disney

My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows - Kathryn Leigh Scott 1986

Dark Shadows Companion - Kathryn Leigh Scott - 1990

Dark Shadows Almanac: Millenium Edition - Kathryn Leigh Scott & Jim Pierson - 2000

Dark Shadows Almanac: 30th Anniversary - Kathryn Leigh Scott & Jim Pierson 1995

Dark Shadows Companion - audio book - Jonathan Frid, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Lara Parker & Roger Davis 1991

Lobby Cards: Classic Comedies - Kathryn Leigh Scott & Michael Hawks -1988 

Lobby Cards: Classic Films - Kathryn Leigh Scott & Michael Hawks 1987 (Winner of the Benjamin Franklin award for Best Coffee Table Book)

Dark Shadows Comic Strip Book - Kenneth Bald - 1996

Dark Shadows Music Book - Bob Cobert - 1996

An early promotional portrait Dark Shadows Collectibles Book - Craig Hamrick - 1998

Dark Shadows Movie Book - Dan Curtis Productions 1996

Dark Shadows Program Guide - Ann Wilson -1995

Dark Shadows Resurrected - Jim Pierson - 1992

Shadows on the Wall - Art Wallace - 1995

Charlie's Angels Casebook - Jack Condon & David Hofstede - 2000

Entertainment 101 - Rodger Claire 1999 The Fugitive Recaptured - Ed Robertson - 1993

The Night Stalker - Mark Dawidziak 1997 The Rockford Files - Ed Robertson - 1995

Maverick - Ed Robertson 1994

Michael Landon: Life, Love & Laughter - Harry and Pamela Flynn & Gene Trindl 1991

Following the Comedy Trail - Leon Smith - 1988

Hollywood At Your Feet - Stacey Endres & Robert Cushman - 1992

Hollywood Goes on Location - Leon Smith - 1988

Hollywood's Chinese Theatre - Stacey Endres & Robert Cushman - 1992

The Logical Lexicon of Useless English - Bill Woods & Tony Gleeson - 1988

Fiction: The Art and Craft of Writing and Getting Published - Michael Seidman 1999

Rupert Hughes: A Hollywood Legend - James Kemm -1997

Coya Come Home - Gretchen Urnes Beito - 1988

Word of Mouth - Voice-over book and Audiocassette - Susan Blu / Molly Ann Mulllin - 1992

All of the above titles are available at
Click to visit the Pomegranate Press website
the Pomegranate Press website.

Bunny Kay
New York Playboy Club, 1963-1966

Kathryn Leigh Scott

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