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Biography courtesy and copyright of Bunny Marci.

I worked at the Miami Playboy Club on Biscayne Blvd. from January 29, 1969 to around 1972.

Some of the girls I worked with were Bunny Ginger, Bunny Carol, Bunny Jan, Bunny Jade, Bunny Toni, Bunny Kathy, Bunny Brandi, and Bunny Lisa. There were many more amazing girls I just can't remember everyone's name! My best friend and roommate was Bunny Cheryl, a gorgeous blonde whose life ended tragically at are 28 with cancer.

When I worked at the Club, Richard Ancona was the general manager and Artie Chicini was the night manager. Paul Cavari was the head bartender and Bunny confidant. Johnnie Conrad was a room director and Bunny Alice was the Bunny Mother. Since I wasn't exactly door Bunny material (small boobs) I became a training Bunny. That's when I met Bunny Cheryl. She was Lucy to my Ethel. We had one Hell of a time together and believe it or not I still see her brother.

Now at age 60 I still love to tell people about being a Playboy Bunny. It still has a lot of interest and appeal. My young working associates think I'm a nut to keep bringing it up, but after all, it is pretty awe-inspiring and when you're 60 you have a right to a little left over awe. I even have a couple of photos on hand just in case.

I would love to correspond with any of my old friends or new ones and if another reunion is planned - put me on your list!

The two children I was raising during my Bunny years have grown up and given me four wonderful grandchildren.

Bunny Marci
Bunny Marci