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I started dancing and acting in my childhood years. I trained for ballet but also later became a Jazz dancer. At age twelve I was in a two year television series contract and played in a movie for television in which Ronald Reagan was my grandfather. At seventeen I was Miss Photogenic of Disneyland. At that time I also played the lead dancer at the Wilshire Ebel Theater, in Over The Rainbow.

Bunny  MariannaAt twenty-one, I became a Bunny at night in the original Los Angeles Playboy Club. This gave me my days to work on my career. I was a Bunny for only one year at the Hollywood Playboy Club. But I loved my time there. I was featured in Playboy magazine's 'Bunnies of Hollywood' pictorial in December 1967 and was chosen as Bunny of the Month for VIP - The Playboy Club magazine in July 1965. I had the opportunity to stay at the Chicago Mansion for a two week vacation. It was a blast. I defended Hugh Hefner in a fifteen minute interview on the Regis Philban Show. I would love to get a copy of that show. I stood up for Hugh Hefner's character and explained that a Bunny did not have to pose nude, or appear in the Centerfold or date Hefner himself in order to keep her job as a Playboy Bunny. Books, magazines, and newspaper articles had been written that (falsely) claimed this was the case. But in mine and I'm sure for other Bunnies, it was not. Hef was a gentleman at all times. If he asked you out or to do any of the above, he accepted a 'no thank you' answer. He loves women in more ways than that. They are his pride and his glory, as we all know. I went to many of Hef's parties. His parties were wild, but beautiful. He was the ultimate host. My daughter is now attending his galas. The invitation styles have changed to keep up with the times.

When I left Playboy I got married, moved to Chicago, and gave birth to a wonderful daughter. My husband died. I came back to Los Angeles and did twenty four episodes of Playboy After Dark. I experienced some very hard times, things that Hefner doesn't even know today (dating game experiences). My autobiography Another Side of Blue is my account of the lovers and losers I encountered during my experiences in that crazy land of dreams, Hollywood. I reveal some sexual escapades in combination of love, loyalty, humor, betrayal and victory. I depict exuberant tumbles with details of sweeping games and experiences. Another Side of Blue concludes with my discovery of the value of true friendship. You can find details of how to purchase your own copy on my website.

I then dated Frank Sinatra. We met in an unexpected way, nothing to do with Playboy. However, I was doing Playboy After Dark, the popular TV show at the time. One day a film of mine was previewed at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. Frank saw me, looked me up, found me, and as a saga goes, we dated. I had two good years with Frank, we saw each other almost every weekend. During this time photographs were absolutely NOT permitted, especially during his rehearsals. Another Side of Blue is a journey back into the early 1970's, the period in which Frank Sinatra's life became quiet. It was during the time that he was making the film "Dirty Dingus" and finishing the album "A Man Alone." This was in the time frame that he claimed his first retirement in California and at Caesar's Hotel in Nevada. It is my story from behind the scenes of Hollywood and the closed world of 'International people,' including my two year relationship with the human side of F.A.S. My story reveals unique intimate knowledge about him, and shows a hidden side that only a few knew. In Another Side of Blue you will discover a lifestyle where he remained safe from his fame in a group that he called his only true and best friends. This group should have been called RAT PACK 2. The story has surprising complexities. I watched him live in his personal salvation while undergoing internal confusion. I saw his emotional frailty through the time shortly after his divorce from Mia Farrow. A real back yard bedroom of life.

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My book also includes the rise and fall of myself as a young widow and single mother struggling to make money while trying to keep my independence through the hardship of raising a child alone. My goal? Trying to make a career in show business, while stumbling and encountering social engagements between a few rich and famous that I admired and thought would be unlikely to harm me. Resulting in sousing into the world of excitement, taking chances, reaching for the stars, feeling danger, touching fear, happiness and pain. I continued working in commercials, television and movies throughout the sixties and seventies. My last film appearance was in 1978 in Charlie. I appeared in commercials throughout the 1980's. Working as an actress, dancer, model and Playboy Bunny was very exciting, but at times a little overwhelming. But I have never forgotten a piece of advice Frank gave me: while I was dating ol' blue eyes he told me: "follow your gut." I have always tried to.

I went on to create a few new products - wool flowers, children's 'Good Behavior' certificates and a beach pillow towel (Universal Studios bought thousands of my patented Jaws towel). I sold them wholesale throughout the years. I taught myself computer skills with which I made my informal website I am trying to sell a few interesting items on the Web, including my Frank Sinatra and Hugh Hefner memorabilia. One of the main projects is of course my manuscript about my special time with Frank, Another Side of Blue, but it also includes my ups and very bad downs in the dating game. Some of these experiences were pretty scary. But my tale has a good ending. I have also participated in Candy Striping in Hospitals and volunteer work for both children and seniors. I can teach children to read from the earliest age and I am now preparing a program to guide parents in a simple reading game that I have developed. I will be attempting to reach parents and make them aware of how important it is to teach their children to read. My new method, by making it fun, makes reading for children quick and easy. This product should reach the public this summer.

I am very pleased to be a part of the Ex Playboy Bunnies Website. All the ex-Bunnies are as beautiful as ever. I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of my life. Bye for now and please be sure to visit my website -
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