Bunny Pam

Biography courtesy and copyright of Bunny Pam.

Bunny Pam

Wow the Playboy Bunny is 50 years old! I always knew I had a connection but never knew we were the same age!

I am honored to have donned the ears back in the early 1980s at the Playboy Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City NJ. I was so excited when I was hired and started Bunny school that by the time we were being fitted in our suits I nearly exploded with excitement.

In the Playboy Hotel & Casino I worked as a Cocktail Bunny in most of the lounges: the Cartoon Corner, the Playmate Lounge, Hefís, and the Tahitian room. But I ended up in the Chat Noir French Restaurant where I was the lucky Bunny to wear the VIP blue velvet suit.

I loved my job: I donít think there was ever a job I enjoyed more. I did every promotion that was posted I was very active with the airport meet and greet where in the middle of winter we would limo out onto the runway (way before 9/11) and stand there in just our Bunny suits. Yes, we actually froze our tails off! Then we would board the passengers onto the bus and act as tour guides while driving into Atlantic City. What fun!

I also was very involved with the Boardwalk Bunnies softball and volleyball teams. We raised a ton of money for various charities and had the best time doing it. We were very popular with the young guys. I will never forget the day we beat the Philadelphia Eagles at softball; they had no idea that we were going to run into the outfield with a base or tie their shoes together at home plate. Hey itís "Bunny Ball"!

All in all it was the best job I have had and I am proud to say "Happy Birthday Bunny!" I will always hold you dear to my heart!

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