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In 1977 I joined the London Playboy Club on 45 Park Lane, world famous for it's beautiful bunny girls. I joined as Bunny Croupier "Goldie" and had to train for six weeks at Stocks House Mansion, then owned by Victor Lownes, in Hertfordshire. I was hired and trained by Ingrid Seward, now PR to the Queen. Whilst training I was soon spotted by Victor Lownes and was invited to a party; I ended up dating him for nearly two years.

During my time as a Bunny I stayed at Victor's mansion every weekend. I met lots of famous people from Jack Nicholson to John Cleese. John even became my Chess partner, but he always lost as I was a great Chess player (captain of my school team). I also played Roger Moore, he lost too (Bond beaten by a Bunny!), so Roger taught me to play Backgammon so he could have a chance to win at something.

I loved the disco scene and have danced in every club around London. One night I went out on a promo night with Hot Chocolate at the time of the release of their track "So You Win Again". It was great... everyone inside the disco cheered as they walked in, they were playing their track at the time. Just the sort of set up I could do with now.

I also became a friend of Dodi Fayed. He was one of the first guys I met in London. He liked dancing and was my dance partner in Stadd, Switzerland, along with Brian Ferry of Roxy Music, who I also spent time on the dance floor with. I also danced with former Prime Ministers Harold Wilson and Ted Heath! I met so many people there - Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Helmet Berger - that it felt like I was living in a fairytale.

Acting has always interested me and I did receive an offer from Murial Young to appear in the film "Girl On A Motorbike" but I did not have an equity card at that time. I then went to a party hosted by Susan George (lovely lady) whom I met and I started going out with the Top of The Pops' dancers Pans People (Babs and her husband, actor Robert Powell, became a regular dinner date), which inspired my acting and dancing.

Back at Victor Lownes' mansion at Stocks there was the regular weekend gang. They taught me a few things: Dia Llewelyn was was a good acting coach; Kenny Lynch the singing coach; and Mike King the song and dance instructor. What a gang! I had lots of friends and they all possessed their own unique talent.

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I met boxer Muhammad Ali after his most recent fight, at the London Playboy Club, Ali showed me his black eye under his sun glasses, winked and said, "you are the only person who will see this, so keep quiet... " in his famous joking fashion. I was overjoyed as he was my hero in boxing. I am going to write a song about him since I have always admired his spirit and humour. Words seem to work great around him.

Many modeling offers were presented to me. One of these was when Playboy offered me the chance to pose for the centerfold, but I declined that. But I did appear in the November 1978 issue of Playboy in the "Bunnies of '78" pictorial. I represented the London Playboy Club, posing in my underwear. I refused to pose naked even after a 40,000 offer from Hugh Hefner... along with an invitation to stay at the Los Angeles Playboy Mansion. I was very shy then and was advised by Victor not to do it as it would not be beneficial for my future career.

However I did accept an offer to fly to Spain to open a hotel and to launch OUI magazine, a promotion organised by Ingrid Seward. Unfortunately I was held hostage by the hotel and was brought back after a week instead of the agreed three days. I was only released after Playboy gave the hotelier back his money. I was informed by Ingrid that she, and the other Bunnies, had appeared on Spanish TV for a rival hotel for free. This gave the rival hotel more publicity than the hotel that had paid a lot of money for their promo, so they wanted their money back! I was scared to work in another country after this episode. I was informed by Ingrid that the hotel owner was an ex-mercenary! On the way back from the airport I heard a lot of whistling going on from behind our Rolls Royce, we looked round only to find soldiers inside an army truck holding up my picture from the "Bunnies of '78" pictorial. I was shocked at the fact it had just come out and that they had recognised me, so I just gave them a thumbs up and smiled. They wanted to know if it was me or not.

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Pamela at Stonehenge

I was front page news in 1979 when the scandal story of "The Bunny and the Stud" broke. I had spent the night with Oliver Tobias at a party held by Victor Lownes. The story had former MP, Norman St John Stevens raging, Nigel Dempster defending and Victor Lownes keeping very quiet... more to come on this story!

After all this, I left Playboy, got married and raised my children... But I am back as a singer, songwriter and producer of my own group together with my husband Gary - Macushla is our name and music is our game! Our album "Gonna Get Ya" has been played by Flava FM 87.6 and I'm sure will soon be played all around the clubs. (A big shout out to the G man... cheers!) Macushla have won the BTgetoutthere charts quite a few times now and have been at Number 1 on MTV Undiscovered for nearly a year with our track "I Kept You Waiting". My hubby Gary and I have worked for three years on the album. Gary is a great guitarist and has been playing for over 30 years now. He is also a brilliant singer/songwriter and producer.

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I have always been a fashion designer and have made most of my own clothes since I was seven (using Sindy as my first model). The green lace dress I am wearing on the home page of was one I designed myself. I always have lots of girls to design for, including my two daughters Joanna and Jamie who I have enlisted as my models. Joanna also appears on the Macushla album "Wild Cat". Her vocals feature on the tracks "Be My Lover" and "Get Groovy". She has a voice similar to Whitney Houston. I'm sure you will all agree she is very talented. My son Rick is also on the track "Get Groovy". I have three grandchildren... one of each... and I already have them contributing on the album. Children at a young age have such a great talent and enjoy singing and dancing. It's also a great way to keep them amused.

The Macushla site is at My e-mail is

All the best, Ex-Bunny Goldie.

Pamela on the cover of
Macushla's single 'Gonna Get Ya'.

Pamela on the cover of Macushla's single 'Gonna Get Ya'. Click to visit the Macushla site!
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