Playboy Bunny Pepper Biography
Biography courtesy and copyright of Bunny Pepper.

I was working as a dental assistant in London's posh Knightsbridge area. Our clientele were predominantly Lords and Ladies and other members of the aristocracy. There were two girls who came in for treatment whom i am happy to say I befriended. We always had such a good laugh and often we would go for a drink together after I had finished work. They would tell me stories of their work at the playboy club as bunnies and I would just sit in total awe.

One day they suggested that I go to the upcoming audition at the club... blah blah, there was, needless to say the obligatory lack of confidence and a million and one reasons why I shouldn't. But hey, I went and what's more got the job!!!

I started as a Croupier Bunny and attained my two certificates as a competent dealer of roulette and blackjack. When I first joined, Croupier Bunnies were still wearing hot pants and a waistcoat. Some months into the job, we were measured up for the traditional Bunny cossi and I was to be the first Croupier Bunny on the floor with this attire.

Wow, what a feeling! I can still feel the excitement. Off I went, bursting out onto the floor, so proud to be looking like a real "bunny girl".

I was assigned to a roulette table where a huge game was in progress. After the mandatory washing and showing of hands to the security cameras, I proceeded to spin the wheel, and then the ball. Bets were mounting all over the layout like enormous skyscrapers!. The ball finally landed, I called in a very loud (but timid) voice: "NO MORE BETS!", leant over the layout to put the dolly on the winning number, when I felt a sudden gush of cold air...

Oh my "girls" had surfaced and popped right out of my costume!!! There they were, perched right on top like two fried eggs! I just kept my head down and kept clearing the layout. I mean REALLY clearing the layout, dolly and all. Yep, I cleared every single chip off. Even the winning number! What chaos followed. Every punter at the table was claiming winning bets. I was promptly sent on a break. ha ha ha. With more practise, i learned to stay in my costume.

After dealing for a while, I decided to change roles and become a cocktail Bunny. I became involved in lots of promotional work and learnt so many skills in hospitality through working in different sections of the club. Well over the five years I spent at London's Playboy Club, I had the time of my life. I met so many wonderful, interesting and powerful people. I travelled throughout Europe, sampled life in a way that most people can only dream of.

I had wonderful times while I was staying at Stocks House attending the training school, learning to be a croupier. The only regret I would ever have is that it had to end. It was a lifestyle which seems like a dream now, as if somehow surreal. If my daughter ever had the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful organisation, I would support her one hundred percent.

I adored each and every second of the years I was fortunate enough to have spent as 'Bunny Pepper'.

Bunny Pepper
Bunny Pepper

Bunny Pepper
Bunny Pepper