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Bunny Robbie
Bunny Robbie

Being a Playboy Bunny was a whirlwind of fun. An opportunity I am proud of... and happy to share with you.

Becoming a Bunny was not on my mind when I accompanied a girlfriend to an audition with the ‘Bunny Mother’ of the Great Gorge Playboy Club.

As I sat waiting for my friend in the holding area... The Bunny Mother came out and said to her assistant... “Suit her up and let's have a look.

I was the only girl sitting in that area and was stunned that they were talking about me. Being the adventurous type, I followed the Assistant to the Costume Room where there was a seamstress.

She sized me up, picked out a fabulous shade of pink satin and zipped me up. She then proceeded to put on a pair of cuffs that looked like they’d been cut off of a man's white dress shirt. She put cufflinks on them, put a white collar around my neck that looked like it had been cut from the same man’s dress shirt and placed a black bow tie on the collar around my neck.

She fiddled around and found an adorable pair of pink satin ears that she put on my head, gave me a pair of killer heels and then I felt her push down on my backside as she put my famous cottontail in place...

Bunny Robbie
Bunny Robbie

She then turned me around in a triple full length mirror and motioned for the ‘Bunny Mother’ to come have a look... It was then that the ‘Bunny Mother’ exclaimed... She is definitely Bunny Material.

At that point I was offered a job, accepted it and found myself in a whirlwind of a world I hadn't known existed. It was fast paced and unbelievably fun. I am thrilled that I was given the opportunity to experience it.

To date, I am a college graduate, an accomplished actress, an entrepreneur, a tennis pro and a lot of fun to be around.

I have a passion for Labrador Retrievers, the beach, the ocean, warm sunshine, flowers, fine wines, expensive jewelry, good fitness, a competitive game of tennis and anything else that can make me smile.

If any of my Bunny friends are out there I would love to hear from you. Email me at BunnyRobbieNJ@aol.com.

I am also organizing a reunion for all former employees of the Great Gorge Playboy Club. If you would like to attend the reunion then please email me for more information.

Best wishes,


Robbie today
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