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Bunny Sharon. Click to view larger version!
Bunny Sharon

My name is Sharon Staffler Hansen and I was one of the original Playboy Bunnies to open the Great Gorge Club in the fall of 1971. I grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania and trained as a speed skater. I did well enough to be invited to the 1968 Olympic Trials. Although I didnít qualify for the Olympics, I have been inducted in the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame.

I attended State College in Pennsylvania and received my B.S. in Physical Education. While I was teaching High School, I heard that Playboy was hiring Bunnies for their new club at Great Gorge, New Jersey. On a whim, I went to the interview and was immediately hired.

I was very excited, although my parents were not exactly thrilled to hear that I was leaving my teaching job and becoming a Playboy Bunny! When the club opened in December of 1971, Sandy Schiffer was my Bunny Mother. She was a warm and wonderful person and I will always have fond memories of her. Actually, when I first joined Playboy, there was already a Bunny Sharon. I had to be Bunny Amanda until I could change back to my real name.

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Golfer Sharon

I loved all my new friends and room mates. It is amazing how we all quickly bonded. During my time at Great Gorge, I lived with "Beep" Betty Clark, Cookie, Libby and Carol.

In 1972, I was asked to participate in Great Gorge's Bunny of the Year Contest. I came in third as Bunny Warren won the contest and Bunny Michelle came in second. The following year, I was selected to travel to Japan and promote Playboy products.

The trip to Japan was wonderful. I went with  Lake Geneva's Bunny Coni, (who was the reigning "Bunny of the Year" of all the Playboy Clubs) and Bunny Linda from Chicago. We spent three weeks in Japan and traveled throughout the country being photographed, playing golf and attending promotional events.

I remained with Playboy until 1976 and worked at several clubs, including Denver and Chicago. The mansion in Chicago was fantastic and I will always remember how well they treated the Bunnies.

Sharon and her husband. Click to view larger version!
Sharon and her husband

After leaving Playboy, I went to work for TWA as a flight attendant, as I always had a passion for travel. The knowledge that I had been a Playboy Bunny impressed all the other flight attendants.

I left TWA in 1983 to have my son, who is now 21. Currently, I am very happily married and living in Roslyn, Long Island.

I travel frequently to Europe and enjoy reading, working out and agonizing over my investments. I have nothing but great memories of the clubs and I am looking forward to the reunion next year.

Best wishes,

Sharon Staffler Hansen

Bunny Sharon
Great Gorge, Denver and
Chicago Playboy Clubs,
Bunny Sharon
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