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Bunny Stacia
Bunny Stacia, Great Gorge

I was a Bunny in the Great Gorge Playboy Resort Hotel, New Jersey during 1970-1. I had a wonderful time during my two years as a Bunny. I worked days with Bunnies Alice, Ginger, Connie & many others who I can't recall. We had one of the largest hutches in the US. The Exxon Convention was one of the highlights. I still have my autographed cuffs that Bill Cosby, Red Foxx & Frankie Avalon signed. My Bunny tail is packed somewhere!

I came to Florida in "1978" and acquired a Florida Cosmetology license. I became a Christian and have many miracle stories. I worked for Sperry/Unisys for eight years, 1984-91. I acquired my AS degree in business from SPJC.

Presently, I'm semi-retired, living on Ft. Myers Beach, FL with my husband. We have a furnished room w/private entrance right across from the beach that we rent to tourists. Love the Florida lifestyle! Would love to hear from other ex-Bunnies.

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