Models by day and Bunnies by night, Kitty Kavany, Bea Payton and Kelly Collins met keyholders in St. Louis last winter at the opening of the Playboy Club number four. Playboy, July 1963

"Hef told me that picture with the champagne glasses was one of the most requested photographs he’d ever had," says June, "so he flew me in from Los Angeles for the opening night of the Chicago Club. I played the hostess with the mostest, and I had a great time. There was so much anticipation, and a huge excitement going on. It was really a happening."

Among the celebrities who list lengthier stints as Playboy Bunnies on their résumés are actresses Lauren Hutton, Julie Cobb, Barbara Bosson, Lynne Moody, Sherilyn Fenn, Maria Richwine, Jackie Zeman and Susan Sullivan; singer Deborah (Blondie) Harry; and writer Gloria Steinem (although she took the gig in order to write an exposé for Show magazine).

So universal was the Bunnies’ appeal that many showbiz luminaries donned ears and tail to portray them onstage or on television. Among them were such legends as Barbara Walters, Steve Allen, Cher, Bob Hope, Flip Wilson, Johnny Carson, Carol Channing, Farrah Fawcett, Sally Field, the Smothers Brothers and Bill Dana.

For a list of famous Bunnies and celebrities who have worn the Bunny costume, view our Frequently Asked Questions page.



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Kitty, Bea and Kelly
photo by Pompeo Posar

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