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Posted by Alan on 19-Nov-2002
Sweetie Pie Lambie

Playboy Bunnies were often asked, through the club, to do outside work. We never knew what our assignments would be from week to week. I was asked to appear in two "Dating Game" television shows, ride in a Hollywood Christmas Parade with Honorary Mayor Johnny Grant, and work diligently in collecting soap to be sent overseas to the Vietnamese children.

Occasionally, we'd be asked to audition for appearances in various movies and, if we got the job, we were allowed to work our Bunny Schedules around filming.

This picture was taken during shooting one of those films. I was awarded a role in a completely forgettable movie entitled "Movie Star, American Style" (1966) with Robert Strauss. My character was called "Sweetie Pie Lambie" and she spoke with a breathless quality a la Marilyn Monroe. I don't even remember seeing the rushes. I just learned what few lines I had, did what I was asked and then hurried home to my real job.

Photo courtesy and copyright of Michele.

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