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“Reunion 2004 Vegas”
Latest Reunion news: Date, Location and Prices confirmed!
18th - 19th April 2004 at the Stardust Hotel, Las Vegas

Party time!
Party time!

You are warmly invited to the forthcoming Reunion 2004 Vegas - the Playboy Club Reunion for ALL Clubs and ALL employees. Come join the fun and celebrate your Playboy Club days be you former Bunny Mothers, Room Directors, Managers, bartenders, busboys or, of course, ex Bunnies. Reunion 2004 Vegas is a celebratory party event for all former Playboy Club employees.

This reunion is non-corporate and non-profit. This is strictly a reunion for former employees, open only to former employees and their significant other.

Reunion 2004 Vegas will be held on the 18th and 19th of April, 2004 at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas. Contact Chere Rae by email: Reunion2004Vegas@earthlink.net for information.

The total cost for the Reunion 2004 Vegas 2-day event is $275.00 per person if paid after January 31, 2004, whether ex-Bunny/employee or guest. Send $275.00 per attendee to: "Reunion 2004" c/o Chere Rae at the address below.

Bunny Chere (Davis - Bryson)
Hollywood Playboy Club, 1965-1972
Contact Chere as soon as possible. Chere Rae
"Reunion 2004"
1525 E. Noble #273
Visalia, CA 93292
E-mail: Reunion2004Vegas@earthlink.net
Website: www.afterthehutch.com

I've made my reservation, make sure you place yours!
I've made my reservation,
make sure you place yours!
Stardust Hotel room reservations should be made directly with the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas. If you mention that you are part of Reunion 2004 and if rooms are still available in our "block", the two-day room rate is $141.70 (including 9% room tax) for Sunday and Monday nights combined. The hotel rates are for single or double occupancy.

Contact Chere either by email or phone for a schedule of events, and to inquire about the menu. Once you've signed up, you'll be sent a questionnaire and be given the opportunity to select regular or vegetarian menu.

Entertainment and music will be provided by performers that you'll recall from your Bunny days. Bill Tracy (Circuit Entertainer of Curtis & Tracy) is lending his talent to spearhead our entertainment assuring a most memorable evening. DJ - Jay Michael (Century City) will once again spin the music of the period.

Look for more detail in the next “HUTCH NEWS” scheduled to come out in mid-February.

Registration is on going, as many are just hearing about the Reunion 2004 Vegas, thanks to the networking you are all doing. Please send in your deposit ASAP. You may send in half of your registration fees now and the remaining balance will be due ASAP. As space is limited and seating and menus need to be confirmed please make your reservations, send in your deposit and provide your information for the database and for security purposes ASAP. No refunds or changes will be accommodated after 7th February 2004.

Please note: MANDATORY PHOTOS OF THE TIME PERIOD REQUIRED for all employees. We need a passport-size head shot AND a 3/4 body shot (size 3x5). Bunnies should submit a photo in Bunny costume if possible. Send your photos to Patti Adjmi immediately (contact details below). Guests of former employees need not submit photos, but we need their names for their name tags.

So get your tails in gear!

LOST then FOUND (Organised by Bunny Michele)

Contact Bunny Michele if you are having difficulty locating someone you knew. Michele is now released from gathering the mailing list information, freeing her for the huge task of finding our missing Playboy family members and fielding the many questions you may have.

Contact Michele Marten Dawn at BunnyMichele@aol.com.

E-mail: BunnyMichele
Don't delay - email me today!
MEMORIAL LISTINGS (Organised by Bunny Geri)

If you know of any former employees, including club entertainers, who are now deceased, please contact Bunny Geri Monticelli by email: geri@ttlv.net. When you contact Geri be sure to include their names, information, which club(s) they worked and picture (if available). We would like to remember them and pay tribute.




P.O. Box 50536
NV 89016

Email any memorial information to Bunny Geri.
NAME TAGS & SIGN-IN BOARD (Organised by Bunny Patti)

The name tags and the sign-in board for the Reunion is being organised by Patti Adjmi, email: PAdjmi@aol.com.

This is a time-consuming task so please send your photos ASAP. Please include your full name with each photo. These will be printed as security passes for entry to the event!

E-mail: PAdjmi@aol.com


Patti Adjmi (Young)
MEDIA LIAISON (Organised by Kathryn Leigh Scott and Terence Guardino)

If you are a news/media company and would like more information about the Reunion, then please contact former New York Bunny Kathryn Leigh Scott, author of The Bunny Years.





Kathryn Leigh Scott

Former New York Bunny Kelly Morgan is organising the reception check-in, raffle gifts, and sponsorship for Reunion 2004 Vegas.




Bunny Cookbook

Bunny Kelly

Additional volunteers are most welcome - let us know what you can do and we will utilize your talents! You can help to make Reunion 2004 Vegas a huge success.

Get there how you can!
Get there how you can!

To help make Reunion 2004 Vegas a success please pass this information on to anyone whom you have kept in contact with from your Playboy days. Let's make this the most all-inclusive and exciting reunion ever. Write us in for April 18th and 19th, 2004 and plan on having the time of your life!

A website with more Reunion details for attendees is currently under construction. Thank you for your patience. For any further details, please call either Chere or Michele for further information.

We were symbolic of a new generation of values... part of a changing society. We lived the life, enjoying the last days of the 'night club era' in Playboy Clubs across the world. New and exciting opportunities were presented to us and we each chose different paths. What doors did we open and what roads did we choose? We will find out at Reunion 2004 Vegas.

See you all there! - Lets PAR-TY!

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