Jerri the seamstress Lucy the wardrobe maestro

These charming ladies were responsible for ensuring the Chicago Bunnies were always immaculately Bunnied-up before each shift.

Jerri (together with Yvonne) sewed all the girls into their costumes, making all the necessary alterations. Jerri and Yvonne were the seamstresses at the first Chicago Playboy Club on Walton Street. They helped train the seamstresses at each new Playboy Club.

Lucy helped the girls into their Bunny suits, zipping them in and fluffing-up their tails with a comb. Lucy took especially good care to ensure the suits, the collars and the cuffs were always bright and clean. But it was hard work looking after 100 plus Bunnies.

They loved all their Bunnies and all the girls loved them.

With smiles as sweet as these, who wouldn't?

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