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A Playboy original: Playmates
Jodi Ann Paterson and Lisa
Dergan in the classic Bunny
design from 1962.

The first sex kitten of the Sixties wasn't a kitten at all. From her dyed-to-match three-inch pumps to the tips of her satin ears, she was all Bunny.

When the first Playboy Club opened its doors on a windy Chicago night in 1960, the image of the Playboy Bunny became the first symbol of the pending sexual revolution. Over the past 40 years she has inspired artists, fashion designers, writers and filmmakers. And she couldn't have done it without her famous outfit. Here's how the girl in the Bunny suit became an icon of pop culture.


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Photos By Pompeo Posar and Chad Doering.
Illustration by Don Lewis
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