The Bunny Years
  by Kathryn Leigh Scott - Pomegranate Press

Available from Pomegranate Press and all good book shopsThe Surprising Inside Story of the
Playboy Clubs: the Women Who Worked
as Bunnies, and Where They Are Now.

The Bunny Years is a memoir interwoven with personal profiles and photographs of the remarkable range of women who worked as Bunnies during the 25 year history of the Playboy Clubs -- a bright, sexy, provocative and insightful portrait of free-spirited women who thrived in an era of explosive change.

The Bunny Years is based on the author's interviews with more than 250 former Bunnies and her personal recollections working as a Bunny in the New York Club while attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Kathryn Leigh Scott "retired her satin ears" in 1966 to become one of the original cast members of the ABC Gothic drama Dark Shadows.

The book sweeps readers along into the backstage adventures and intimate confessions of women who were pioneers in the sexual revolution. Even more intriguing, perhaps, than former Bunnies who found careers in show business are the other remarkable women profiled in the book, including the owner of a multi-million dollar New York advertising agency, a distinguished scientist, an architect, an opera singer, an attorney, a book publisher, a restaurateur, a stock broker, an executive producer of network sitcoms, a race horse breeder, a real estate tycoon, an award-winning hat designer, a nurse, several schoolteachers -- and a midwife who was both a beauty queen and a nun before becoming a Bunny.

The gorgeous Kelly Collins - Super BunnyThe author's thesis is that, in its own peculiar way, the Playboy Club in the mid-60's served as a magnet and crucible for women independently driven to achieve remarkable levels of success later in life. As the profiles demonstrate, the very impulses that led intelligent, ambitious women to defy convention and choose to work as Bunnies would later propel many of them into vastly rewarding, and often unconventional, personal careers.

Bunny Kay in the New York Playboy ClubKathryn Leigh Scott has written three non-fiction titles (Lobby Cards: The Classic Films, Lobby Cards: The Classic Comedies, and My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows). Kathryn has also sold the rights to Coya Come Home (published by Pomegranate Press 1990), the story of Congresswoman Coya Knutson, to Columbia Tristar Television for an NBC-TV Movie of the Week. Few book projects have given Kathryn the enormous personal satisfaction and enjoyment of The Bunny Years, not least because it has enabled her to renew friendships with so many exceptional women.

The Bunny Years is available now at all good bookshops in both hardback and paperback editions. See also A&E's The Bunny Years documentary, made to accompany the book, available on VHS from all good video retailers.

Bunny Kelly Collins demonstrates -
The Bunny Dip The Bunny Perch The Bunny Stance
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