The Playboy Clubs and casinos sold a variety of souvenirs, including a Bunny Tail plaque ($75 if the tail is still white) and a jumbo lighter (about $150 in its original box). Some collectors covet 5 1/2-inch-tall glass mugs listing the club where they originated -- they sell for $20 to $40. Most gambling chips have retained at least their face value; those from overseas casinos and in higher denominations that aren't clipped are worth considerably more. Five-dollar chips from certain clubs have sold at auction for $50 or more. If you were a keyholder in 1982 and picked up a copy of the final, eight-page VIP Magazine, it's worth at least $100. One collector discovered a box filled with 2500 copies in a used bookstore; to keep from flooding the market and reducing their value, he saved 100 and burned the rest in his backyard. A Bunny costume, complete with ears and name tag, might be valued at $3000 to $4000, though one sold at Playboy Auctions recently for $7000. Orange ashtrays with square corners taken from the Playboy Clubs are practically worthless, although you might find someone to give you a dollar. Says Mike Travis, "If you went to Iceland, there would be orange ashtrays."

The ultra-rare last issue of VIP #48 Playboy Rabbit Head drinks pourer Playboy Casino chips

Red velvet VIP Room Bunny costume

The wonderful and best-selling Bunny Tail wall plaque

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