How do I become a Bunny?

Currently there are four Playboy Clubs in the world: Playboy at the Palms in Vegas (opened 2006), Playboy Macau (2010), Playboy Cancun (2010) and Playboy London (2011).

Before the Palms venture, in 1999, Playboy briefly re-entered the casino industry with a new Playboy Casino, staffed by Bunnies, on the Greek island of Rhodos. Unfortunately the casino was not a success and Playboy pulled out of the venture.

Hugh Lucky Man!Playboy, aware of the timeless elegance and the sexual magic of the Bunny image, currently use Playmates and models in Bunny costumes for promotional appearances. Playboy have been planning for many years to open Playboy Casinos (with Bunnies), the first has arrived in Las Vegas and hopefully will be followed by one again in London, England. The London plan was postponed after Playboy's proposed partner, Ladbrokes, was sold by it's owner, the Hilton Group to the Gala Bingo company.

Playboy are also in the midst of negotiations to open a casino, with Bunnies, in Shanghai, China and are still looking at possible sites and partners to re-enter the club/casino market in London.

Here is some information on general Bunny hiring policy and the requirements from when the Playboy Clubs were in their glorious existence. I hope you enjoy it.

Age requirement: 18-24
In some Playboy Clubs the minimum age for a Bunny had to be 21 because of State Liquor License Laws. That is only ladies 21 and over could serve alcohol. The range 18-24 was the Bunny hiring age. Some women over 24 were hired as Bunnies while many Bunnies hired when they were young stayed Bunnies into their late twenties and even late thirties. The average Bunny 'Tour of Duty' was around 6 months. Some girls however stayed for over ten years. A few Bunnies were still Bunny-Dipping into their thirties, providing they still met the 'Bunny Image' - the young, fresh and beautiful appearance.

Have you been a good boy this year?Height: No stipulation
The height of a woman was really of no consequence in the hiring policy. Bunnies came in all heights, from 4'10" all the way up to over six feet tall in their stocking soles.

Weight: Varied, usually between seven and ten stones
A Bunny had to be slim. Bunnies were regularly weighed to ensure they were maintaining the requisite 'Bunny Image'. This meant a Bunny had to remain slim and to take good care of her hair, nails and skin. Bunnies had to be slim but sexy. The costume took care of the curves.

Bra size: Unimportant
A common misconception is that Bunnies had to have naturally large breasts. Very few did. The costume's construction was even more breast enhancing than a Wonderbra. Furthermore those cleavages were achieved by stuffing and more stuffing of various kinds of padding (socks, tissues) into the cups of the Bunny costume. Almost every Bunny was enhanced by this method.

Extra: Of course the primary attribute looked for was physical beauty. But Playboy also wanted girls who were personable. Girls with a cheerful disposition were wanted and indeed such personalities were necessary to allow the Bunny to do a long eight hour shift. Provided an applicant was slim, beautiful and a 'people person' she would be hired. No previous experience was needed as Playboy had it's own meticulous Bunny Training Program. In addition Playboy was without prejudice in it's hiring policy. Girls from all nations, creeds, classes, and religions were hired to work as Bunnies. Any keyholder who objected to this had their membership revoked. Playboy has always been an equal opportunities employer.

To learn more about Playboy Bunnies see The Bunny Years available as a book and a video. Both are available from all good book and video stores. You can also view an original Playboy Bunny Recruitment Brochure in our History section.

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