Breakfast Bunny Emma Patterson, New York Playboy Club

Bunny Cookbook
BUNNY TALES: "Dishes to Titillate his and her taste" By Kelly Morgan.

Bunny Kelly, New York
Bunny Kelly, New York

Hey good lookin'! What you got cookin'?

Bunny Kelly Moran (Author of children's books) is collating a Bunny cookbook. The book will feature favourite recipes submitted by former Bunnies together with photos and reminisces about their cottontailed days.

Kelly invites any interested former Bunnies to participate in this upcoming best seller. If you have a favourite recipe and would like to be featured in the Bunny cookbook then visit her website:

Thank you to all those Bunnies who have already kindly contributed to the book.

Kelly was a Bunny in the New York Playboy Club between 1976-1977. View Bunny Kelly's photo album.

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