Where can I buy a Playboy Bunny costume?

Our costumes are difficult to find...Original Playboy Bunny costumes are very rare. Legend has it that Playboy mostly shredded or (more likely) put into storage the thousands of Bunny costumes they owned when the Clubs closed.

But there are Playboy Bunny costumes in circulation. A few Bunnies were given their costumes as a reward (for their years of good service) after they retired from Bunnyhood. It is these costumes that occasionally appear on the Playboy and eBay auction sites.

Most Bunnies who did receive their costumes as a parting gift continue to keep a hold of these valuable mementos from that special time in their lives. But some do sell their costumes.

Look for real costumes occasionally sold (both by private sellers and sometimes by Playboy) on the Playboy Auction site: auctions.playboy.com.

And also on eBay, www.ebay.com. But be aware that on eBay many sellers mistakenly (in innocence) or deliberately (to deceive) call ersatz costumes 'authentic' or 'original.'

You can probably tell a real from a fake Bunny costume, but if you can't then take a close look at the Bunny pictures on this website:- Ex Playboy Bunnies.

A sure sign that a costume is authentic will be it's selling price. A complete Bunny costume (bodice, ears, tail, collar, bow-ties, cuffs, cufflinks, name tag rosette) will go for upwards of $1,000. An original bodice on it's own will fetch upwards of $600.

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