Part I - Playmate Bunnies

This is a list of Playmates who worked as Bunnies in the Playboy Clubs.
Part II lists those Playmates who have worn the Bunny costume
but have never actually worked as Bunnies in a Playboy Club.

Playmate Month/Year Comments
Carrie Radison June 1957
Elizabeth Ann Roberts January 1958
Linne Nanette Ahlstrand July 1958
Joyce Nizarri December 1958
Elaine Reynolds October 1959
Ellen Stratton December 1959 PMOY 1960
Susie Scott February 1960
Linda Gamble April 1960 PMOY 1961
Delores Wells June 1960 Photo
Teddi Smith July 1960
Joni Mattis November 1960
Barbara Ann Lawford February 1961
Heidi Becker June 1961
Sheralee Conners July 1961
Christa Speck September 1961 PMOY 1962
Jean Cannon October 1961 Photo
Diane Danford November 1961
Lynn Karrol December 1961 Photo
Pamela Ann Gordon March 1962
Jan Roberts August 1962 The first Bunny to become a Playmate. According to the text of her Playmate pictorial there were 24 Playmates before Jan who went on to became Bunnies. As you can see above, I am missing 5 Playmate Bunny names before August 1962. Can anyone help?
Mickey Winters September 1962
Avis Kimble November 1962 Photo
June Cochran December 1962 PMOY 1963
Connie Mason June 1963 Photo
Phyllis Sherwood August 1963
Victoria Valentino September 1963
Christine Williams October 1963
Terre Tucker November 1963
Sharon Rogers January 1964 Photo
Nancy Scott March 1964
Ashlyn Martin April 1964
Terri Kimball May 1964 Photo
Melba Ogle July 1964
China Lee August 1964
Astrid Schultz September 1964
Kai Brendlinger November 1964 Photo
Jo Collins December 1964 PMOY 1965. Not a Bunny, but was a Bunny Mother at the Denver Playboy Club and in Chicago she worked as Playmate and Bunny Promotions Director.
Sally Duberson January 1965
Jennifer Jackson March 1965 Photo
Sue Williams April 1965 Had an ambition to become a Bunny at the Los Angeles Playboy Club. Can anyone confirm if she did or not?
Lannie Balcom August 1965 Photo
Patti Reynolds September 1965 Photo
Pat Russo November 1965
Dinah Willis December 1965 Had an ambition to become a Bunny at the New Orleans Playboy Club. Can anyone confirm if she did or not?
Judy Tyler January 1966
Melinda Windsor February 1966
Pat Wright March 1966
Karla Conway April 1966 Karla's Biography
Karla's website
Sachi Art
Dolly Read May 1966 London Bunnies Photo Album
Secret History: Bunny Girls
Dianne Chandler September 1966 Dianne's Biography
Dianne's Photo Album
Dianne's website
Surrey Marshe January 1967
Kim Farber February 1967 Theater Bunny
Fran Gerard March 1967
Gwen Wong April 1967 Also a Jet Bunny
Anne Randall May 1967
Heather Ryan July 1967
Kaya Christian November 1967
Elizabeth Jordan May 1968 Photo
Britt Fredriksen June 1968
Gale Olsen August 1968
Majken Haugedal October 1968
Cynthia Myers December 1968
Leslie Bianchini January 1969
Kathy MacDonald March 1969
Lorna Hopper April 1969
Helena Antonaccio June 1969 Photo
Helena's Biography Page
Helena's Photo Album
Helena's website
Shay Knuth September 1969 Photo
Jean Bell October 1969
Jill Taylor January 1970
Barbara Hillary April 1970
Sharon Clark August 1970 PMOY 1971
Debbie Ellison September 1970
Avis Miller November 1970 Also a Jet Bunny.
Carol Imhof December 1970
Cynthia Hall March 1971
Lieko English June 1971 Also a Jet Bunny
Heather Van Every July 1971 Photo
Cathy Rowland August 1971
Crystal Smith September 1971
Danielle De Vabre November 1971
Karen Christy December 1971 Girlfriend of Hugh Hefner.
Marilyn Cole January 1972 PMOY 1973. Married Victor Lownes, former Playboy Executive and 'UK Number One.'
P.J. Lansing February 1972
Deanna Baker May 1972 Photo
Lenna Sj÷÷blom November 1972
Mercy Rooney December 1972
Miki Garci January 1973
Anulka Dziubinska May 1973
Ruthy Ross June 1973 Bunny of the Year 1973
Carol Vitale July 1974 Photo
Carol's Biography
Carol's Photo Album
Janice Raymond December 1974 Also a Jet Bunny
Laura Misch February 1975 Photo
Victoria Cunningham April 1975
Bridgett Rollins May 1975
Janet Lupo November 1975 Janet's Biography
Janet's Photo Album
Janet's website
Laura Lyons February 1976 Photo
Debra Peterson June 1976
Hope Olson October 1976
Patti McGuire November 1976 PMOY 1977
Star Stowe February 1977
Lisa Sohm April 1977
Sheila Mullen May 1977
Virve Reid June 1977
Janis Schmitt February 1978 Photo
Marcy Hanson October 1978
Dorothy Stratten August 1979 PMOY 1980
Candace Collins December 1979 Photo
Sandy Cagle February 1980
Alana Soares March 1983
Liz Stewart July 1984 Photo
Kimberly Evenson September 1984
Cindy Brooks April 1985
Venice Kong September 1985
Christine Smith December 2005 Worked at the Vegas Playboy Club
Jessica Burciaga February 2009 First Vegas Playboy Bunny to become a Playmate
Jessa Hinton July 2010 Worked at the Vegas Playboy Club
Jordan Emanuel December 2018 PMOY 2019. Worked at the New York Playboy Club.

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