Was she a Playboy Bunny?

New York Playboy Club Bunnies, 1963.I am often emailed requesting to know if a woman has worked as a Bunny. But consider the difficulty I have in answering such questions. In the 31 year history of the Playboy Clubs over 25,000 women worked as Bunnies. I do not have a database of ex Bunnies nor do I suspect has Playboy. The company, in the Seventies, used to maintain a department that kept track of Bunnies and the careers they went onto after hanging up their tails and ears. Hugh Hefner wanted to keep in contact with and informed about what women did when they left Bunnydom behind. I believe this was done both as a gesture of goodwill and also for any potential positive publicity for Playboy. Christie Hefner's first role in her father's empire was working in this department. Ironically, years later, when she took over the day-to-day running of the company, Christie took the difficult decision to phase out the entire Playboy Club Empire, as the clubs had become unprofitable. Her father was reluctant to close the clubs but he knew they were no longer economically viable (even the Mid-West franchise Playboy Clubs were not turning a profit).

A Bunny Mother training new Bunnies with Training Bunny Kelly Collins.Similarly, I am often asked for photos of particular ex Bunnies. Often these requests are for Playmates, models, and celebrities who have posed for the magazine but were never Bunnies. Clearly visitors to this site have failed to appreciate What is the difference between Bunnies and Playmates?. The Playboy Cyber Club has archives of these photos, go there! But even when people request photos of bona fide ex Bunnies, I cannot help. Much as I would love to have a photo (or fifty) for every ex Bunny, I simply do not. What you see on this site is what I have. This site is dependant upon the contributions of ex Playboy Bunnies, club employees, former keyholders and Bunny enthusiasts. Playboy has an extensive archive of former employee photos, but I do not know if it has been indexed. Although if they are offering, I am willing... :)

Think about it. If you emailed Coca Cola, IBM or Ford to ask if a particular individual worked at the company forty years ago, and could you please have a copy of their employee photograph, what response do you think you would receive?

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