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Created by Alan on 26-Sep-2002. Click on a thumbnail to view the larger version.

Bunny PJ one

Bunny PJ two

Bunny PJ three

Bunny PJ four

Bunny PJ five

Bunny PJ six

Bunny PJ seven

Bunny PJ eight

Bunny PJ nine

Official Bunny

Bunnies Phaedra,
PJ and Shady

Bunny Bobbi

Bunny reunion

PJ and Peter
Frampton, 1977

PJ and Peter
Frampton, 1999

PJ in her
egg chair

PJ and Donny

Headshot of PJ

PJ on the cover of
Singles Choice magazine

A promo
shot of PJ

Gaslight PJ

PJ and Jerry Springer

PJ and Roger King

Playboy Magazine's
Ilona Makris and PJ

Serria Tawan and PJ

Stephanie Heinrich,
PJ, and Nicole Wood

PJ and Vanessa Gleason

PJ in a Rabbit Head chair
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